Why Cisco?

13 Jul

What’s wrong with other network providers?

There is no problem with using other network providers. As Juniper Networks is equally good. This can be easily understood by Comparing both network providers.


Depending on the number of ports and the speed you need, you are allowed to choose a plan to pay according to it in case of router. With the variety of products, Cisco dominates the networking market with the vast experience in the field of Technology with an aim to spread connectivity among places to provide better solutions to all users who deal with exchanging data.

Speed is another factor that plays a heroic role in Cisco, Cisco router might be a bit costlier than local router providers or manufacturers but the speed and reliability by Cisco is more than superior, you would not feel to be compromised by Cisco services.

Coverage area, a sufficient amount of distance could be covered by the Cisco router. It is the best feature of Cisco router, you do not have worry whether a certain area could be covered or not. Still you face Technical issues then Cisco customer support numberis the savior for you.

Networking software IOS and NX-OS by Cisco are widely used reliable software that provides highly alert security. Ease of Use of these Networking software make Cisco to become more lucrative to a private Organization, a Government organization, a Public Infrastructure and an Individual.  

Juniper Networks:

There is no flaw in using the products of Juniper Networks. They are equally reliable as that of Cisco. Better products for small and mid-sized companies make Juniper Networks more attractive towards small to mid-sized organizations.

The operating system “Junos” by juniper Networks has two unbeatable advantages.

  • Modular design: Each process and component is shielded from each other. So, failure of one component would not affect other process or component.

Single platform: All products of Juniper networks run on a single operating system. This makes  Juniper Networks easily accessible and provides a better connectivity among all Juniper 

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